Sell with Us

Now you can Sell your luxury designer handbag or your luxury accessories with us.

Tell us about the items you wish to sell using the contact us form. Make sure you mention the Brand Name, Model type, Colour, Material, Condition, Original Receipt (if available), Dustbag (if available), Tags(if available). We will quickly reply with a price quote by email. It's really that simple. 

Why Sell Your Bags to My Yellow Canary?

Selling has never been so simple.

Does not matter if you want to buy, sell, or simply consign your pre-owned handbags and accessories, My Yellow Canary is committed to gaining your trust. We help you honestly by offering realistic prices for sellers of authentic luxury items. We work hard to offer you the best price match.

How It Works:

Submit individual handbags you would like to sell and include the item's designer, name, and at least three good quality images. You can email the images to We will email you with a price quote and acceptance letter within 24 hours.

Price quotes are based on condition, brand, popularity of the bag(s), and of goes without saying, it must be authentic.

Print your email and send it to us with your item(s) FREE OF CHARGE using our Royal Mail label.

Your payments are issued the next business day after we receive and authenticate your items(s).

Why It Works:

Convenience. We make selling your luxury handbag(s) simple through our secure online tools.

Trust. You can rest be assured that the cash value offer we give you will be competitive.

Reputation. We can afford to offer higher prices for your luxury handbags and accessories because our long-standing reputation for continually offering authentic, sought-after items means that we are able to sell items quickly and put that money back into more fabulous inventory from you.